Thursday, February 16, 2017

DAYS #110: Noelle lets loose on a comatose Victor, Jordan gets some disappointing news

Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

JordanRidgeway_zps956gtxca.png DanielJonas_zpsextpbm5h.png
Jordan sits in the exam room, deep in thought about her potential pregnancy, as she hears Daniel enter the room. She looks up, a smile back on her face as she awaits the news.

JORDAN: So! Tell me it's good news. Am I pregnant?

Daniel looks on, managing his best poker face as he flips over to her test results to give her the news.

DANIEL: Uh well...the thing is...

As Daniel speaks, Rafe opens the door to the exam room, a big smile on his face. Daniel turns around, surprised to see him come in.

DANIEL: Rafe...
RAFE: Hey! Sorry for interrupting. Maxine said I could come in so...heh...hi.
JORDAN: Rafe! Daniel was just about to give me my pregnancy test results.

Jordan looks excitedly as she motions for Rafe to come over with her. He obliges, and puts his arm around Jordan as he looks back Daniel's way.

RAFE: So, Dr. Jonas...I guess we're gonna be shopping for a stroller and a crib soon, right?

Daniel looks at Rafe and Jordan, as they look back, excitedly anticipating the news.


NoelleCurtis_zpsxg2rtzxf.png AlexKiriakis2_zpsquwb7nky.png MaggieHorton_zpsrtadb6ml.png
Noelle and Alex sit in the hospital waiting area outside Victor's room, as Maggie emerges from Victor's room. Maggie looks over at Noelle and Alex, as they sit, hand in hand.

MAGGIE: Alex! Noelle! What are you doing here?
ALEX: Oh, we were just sorta...checking in. I was gonna visit Victor for a minute but Daniel tells us you're his last visitor for the night, so...just wanted to see how you were doing.

Maggie smiles, putting a hand on Alex's shoulder as a show of thanks.

MAGGIE: Oh thank you. I'm alright.
ALEX: Any change?

Maggie shakes her head sadly.

MAGGIE: No. None so far.
NOELLE: I'm so sorry, Maggie.
MAGGIE: Thank you, Noelle. Uh...Alex, I'm going to head to Julie's, we're going to go over some things for the Penthouse Grille's re-opening. I was hoping you'd be able to help us draw up some proposals for the marketing campaign. If you're able to join us at the mansion for say...8:30 tonight?
ALEX: Ah...sure!

Maggie smiles, waving to both Alex and Noelle as she walks away.

MAGGIE: Great. I'll see you soon.
ALEX: Bye Maggie.

Alex turns toward his wife, his hand firmly clasped in hers.

ALEX: Hey, umm...I need to make a quick call to Will about this campaign for the Penthouse Grille. Are you okay to wait here a minute?
NOELLE: Yeah! Sure, I'll be here.
ALEX: Great. One sec.

Alex quickly kisses Noelle on the lips before getting up and heading for the waiting room to make his call to Will.

Once Alex is out of sight, Noelle slowly gets up. Nervously checking around her, she walks toward Victor's hospital room door. Sneaking inside, the quietly shuts the door and stands just inside, a crooked smile on her face.

NOELLE: Alright Vic. It's just you and me now.


BillieReed_zpscb154cd4.png JustinKiriakis_zpsvhww2iue.png
Billie exits Sheryl's office at Titan, checking to make sure the coast is clear, she sees Justin walking away in the opposite direction and heads out the door away from him. As the door shuts, Justin turns around, changing his mind on where he's going and spots Billie. He calls out to her, causing Billie to jump.

JUSTIN: Billie?

Billie turns around, looking like a deer caught in the headlights, as Justin smiles, confused by her reaction.

BILLIE: Justin!
JUSTIN: Um...hey. I uh...I was wondering how you've been doing since we spoke last.

Billie smiles nervously. She stammers a bit as she answers.

BILLIE: Oh...oh you know, good. I...mean...things are going as well as can be expected. Theresa's still in a coma is a mess.
JUSTIN: I hope you haven't been to see Theresa. You know, visiting her in that hospital puts a lot of people at risk.

Billie rolls her eyes, replying dismissively to Justin.

BILLIE: Oh don't be ridiculous, Justin. Of course I'm not going to violate a protective order. No matter how ridiculous it is.
JUSTIN: Well...I'm not disagreeing with you, but...Kim thinks it's better to keep you away from her daughter and...

Billie looks down, folding her arms in discomfort.

BILLIE: Don't remind me.

Justin puts his hand on Billie's shoulder, trying to comfort her, she looks up at him sadly.

JUSTIN: Hey. Don't worry. I know it seems hopeless but...Daniel's her doctor, he'll make sure she recovers. I know it's a slow process but she'll get there.

Billie smiles half-heartedly at Justin, nodding slowly.

BILLIE: Thanks, Justin. Hey, I heard about Victor. I'm sorry to hear about his heart-attack.

Justin drops his arm to his side, putting his hands in his pockets as he begins to get a bit wistful himself.

JUSTIN: Yeah. He's ah...still out like a light, too. Tyler and I are covering for him's overwhelming.
BILLIE: I understand. He's gonna make it though.

As Billie finishes her sentence, she hears her phone ring. A text message from Lucas comes through.

on her way back. go.

Billie sees the text, and is snapped back into a sense of urgency. She looks at Justin, panic on her face.

BILLIE: Oh my God, I forgot something, um, sorry, I gotta go, Justin.
JUSTIN: Uh...sure, sure. Yeah! Look, let's grab drinks later?

Billie takes off like a shot for the elevator, frantically pressing the button to open the door.

After a moment, the door opens. Sheryl gets off, coming face-to-face with Billie.



Billie stares at Sheryl, trying to hide how nervous she is.

BILLIE: Sheryl. are you?
SHERYL: Good. back from seeing your brother.
BILLIE: Oh yeah! How's Lucas? I've been...darting all over the building today, I haven't had a chance to see him.

Sheryl looks unconvinced, but plays along.

SHERYL: He's good. Really good, he uh...left something behind at my place last night so...I was just dropping it off for him. I'm uh...I'm surprised to see you on this floor, this is more advertising, you tend to stick to those...executive VIP areas instead of down here with us underlings.

Billie smiles, knowing the subtle shade being thrown her way.

BILLIE: Yeah, well...I was just checking on something with Justin Kiriakis and someone told me he was down here so I tracked him down. So...if you'll excuse me...

Billie attempts to get on the elevator, but Sheryl grabs her arm to stop her.

SHERYL: You know if you...could pass on a message to your mom for me?
BILLIE: What kind of message?

Sheryl looks at Billie, deadly serious.

SHERYL: If she's trying to manipulate Lucas into breaking things off with me...I will know. Lucas is not very good at masking his feelings. But he's an adult, and bad things happen when she inserts herself into situations where she isn't welcome.

Billie looks at Sheryl, a displeased look on her face, as Sheryl walks away toward her office.

SHERYL: Have a great evening.

Billie watches Sheryl walk away, stunned by her audacity before catching the elevator door start to close, she jumps to try to stop it, jamming the door momentarily as she clumsily steps in.


Daniel sighs as he steps in closer to Rafe and Jordan. Jordan and Rafe's excitement turns quickly to concern as they see Daniel's stoic expression.

JORDAN: Daniel...come on...tell us. Are we going to have a baby or not?
DANIEL: I'm sorry, Jordan...Rafe. Your home pregnancy test gave a false positive.

Jordan is stunned by the news, she sits next to Rafe, mouth agape, as Rafe pulls her in close. She begins to tear up at the news. After a moment, she begins to shake. Unable to stay composed, Jordan breaks away from Rafe.

JORDAN: I'm sorry, I just...
RAFE: Jordan!

Rafe reaches out to stop Jordan from running off, but to no avail. Jordan grabs her purse and coat and runs out the door of the the exam room, leaving behind a worried Rafe, and a saddened Daniel.

DANIEL: I'm sorry, Man.
RAFE: So am I. Sorry, I gotta...I gotta go.

Rafe runs out the door after a distraught Jordan.


Will is in his office at Titan, putting on his jacket to leave for the day, when his office phone rings. Exasperated, he initially considers ignoring it, but thinks better of it and answers.

WILL: (into phone) Will Horton.


At University Hospital, Alex stands in the waiting room at University Hospital, cell phone in his ear.

ALEX: (into phone) Hey, Will, it's Alex.


Will's expression changes almost immediately, mellowing into one feigning coldness but enjoying hearing Alex's voice all the same.

WILL: (into phone) Oh, hey! What can I do for you?


ALEX: (into phone) Well...I need you to do two things before you leave tonight.


Will listens intently as Alex lists off his plans for the evening, his expression souring as Alex continues.

ALEX: (via phone) I need you to drop off the polished draft of the press kit for the EnerNext project to Tyler, and then I need to meet you at the Kiriakis mansion.
WILL: (into phone) Oh? What for?
ALEX: (via phone) Well, Maggie's asked us to come by to start on promotional work for the Penthouse Grille reopening...


Alex stands shaking a packet of sugar as he's about to pour it into his cup of coffee, his head leaning against his shoulder, holding his cell phone up to his ear.

ALEX: (into phone) So I need you there by about 8:30 to meet with Maggie and Julie and I. That cool?
WILL: (via phone) Uh...yeah! Yeah...I'll let Gabi know I'll be home late and she can make sure Arianna gets her dinner. Umm...sure. I'll see you then.
ALEX: (into phone) Great, man. Thanks!


Will hangs up after he hears the dial tone. He puts down his phone, sighing.

WILL: There goes the work-life balance. And I'm sure Adrienne will love trying to twist this one into something it isn't while she's at it.

Will sighs again as he reaches over to a folder on his desk, grabbing it and sauntering out the door of his office, shutting it behind him as he heads for Tyler's office upstairs.


Laura puts on her jacket, heading out of her office. She opens the door to find Maggie standing in the doorway. Pleasantly surprised, Laura stops and smiles.

LAURA: Maggie! I didn't realize you were still here.
MAGGIE: I was just heading out to meet Julie. I wanted to stop by to check in on you.

Maggie's expression changes slightly. A bit of concern on her face.

MAGGIE: never answered me before...I saw that look you gave when Liam ran into Jennifer. It's almost's almost like you're afraid of him.

Laura looks down, not really wanting to get into it with Maggie.


Noelle stands in Victor's hospital room. The room, darkened, is deadly quiet other than the quiet beeping of the heart monitor. She looks down on Victor's still body, a serious look on her face. Her glare, laser focused on Victor, never wavers.

She steps toward Victor slowly as she begins to speak to him.

NOELLE: You's kind of poetic justice. You lying here after a heart attack...

Noelle stands by Victor's bed, arms folded, as she continues, a quiet vitriol in her voice.

NOELLE: When the stress you put my father under all those years from your loan sharking, and your squeezing any penny you could from us...gave him a heart attack...

Noelle pulls up a stool so she can lean in close to Victor while she taunts him.

NOELLE: ...And that heart attack killed him.

Noelle smiles, laughing softly, but almost maniacally.

NOELLE: So you know what, Vic? I'd say this is karma in action. Do you understand what I went through? Dr. Neil Curtis, working day and night to the point where I barely saw him through the entire time I was in high school? All so he could pay off debts he owed you. Debts you just couldn't bear to forgive because you're spiteful, miserable old man.

Noelle looks down at Victor. As she continues, her tone becomes more and mroe mournful. She sighs as she speaks again.

NOELLE: And I had no idea. I spent the last years my father was alive resenting him, giving him the cold shoulder when he tried to reach out to me...

Noelle gets up from her stool, and begins to pace the room, her hands on her hips as she thinks back to her teen years.

NOELLE: ...and... funny enough, I did all kinds of...crazy stuff just to get his attention all the same. I remember one time I stayed out until 5am the night before finals in my junior year? I was with some guy from the football team. My dad didn't sleep that night. Mom called him at midnight when I didn't come home and...he drove all around town...he woke up my friends' parents...(laughs) some of my friends' parents actually got up themselves and started searching with him...and I came home. Mom was there waiting. She wouldn't let me go to bed until dad got home...and my dad said, "Blondie, go to bed, I can handle her."

Noelle tries to fight welling up as she sits back down on her stool by Victor's bed, leaning on the bar along the side of it.

NOELLE: And this man, who I spent all those years resenting, and thinking he didn't give a damn about anything but his work, he told me what he'd done that night, and that all he cared about was me and my mom, and that he was worried. He said he knew he hadn't been there for me as much as he wanted to, but that sooner or later, I was going to understand. And he apologized to me. And here I was expecting I was going to be read the riot act. But he knew it was on him. I didn't realize why that was until just this last year.

Noelle's expression changes, as her eyes zero on on Victor again. A quiet rage simmering in her as she becomes increasingly agitated.

NOELLE: My dad and mom got into it. I'd been accepted into UCLA...I was...I was going to be a nurse. You know...follow my father's footsteps into the medical field like a trooper! And Mom comes back from the bank...and lo and trust was empty. The money we all thought was going to my education was going to you. Mom thought you'd taken enough from us when you took Blondie's from us...but nope. No, no,'d kept nickel-and-diming my father to death all these years, and guess what? This time his heart gave out.

Noelle stands up, leaning in angrily over Victor's bed. Her voice getting louder and louder as she gets increasingly emotional.

NOELLE: And I never saw my father again. And then his will had nothing for myself, or for my mother, and my mother has been struggling for years, and I had dreams, and I had goals and now we have NOTHING but BILLS and DEBTS and PAIN, and it's ALL because of YOU, VICTOR!

Noelle breathes for a moment, her body and voice trembling with rage as she looks at the man she holds responsible for her family's ruin.

NOELLE: So you ask me why I would marry into your family. I'll tell you why. I want what's mine. And if I have to use your nephew's son to get every PENNY you owe me, SO BE IT!

As Noelle shouts out in rage at Victor, Alex's voice calls out to her from the doorway.

ALEX: Noelle! What the Hell are you doing?!

Noelle turns to see a confused and angry Alex standing in the doorway, Noelle looks on, still shaking with rage.


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

DAYS #109: Brady and Liam's near-miss, is Billie busted?

Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Brady, driving down Anita's country driveway, turns on the switch for her old SUV's high beams as he approaches the turnoff to the county road, not slowing down as he approaches the turn-off.

The SUV juts out into the intersection as Liam's car passes, causing Liam to swerve suddenly to avoid hitting Brady's car.


Jennifer, attempting to talk to Liam on the phone from her office at University Hospital, hears the commotion from the scene and is immediately frantic.

JENNIFER: (into phone) Liam?? Liam? Are you okay?


Liam swerves violently, stopping while barely avoiding being hit by Brady's large older SUV. Brady's headlights shine brightly into Liam's car, momentarily blinding Liam as he looks up at Brady's car.

Brady looks back, stunned by the near-miss accident, before Liam quickly puts his car back in gear and zooms off. Brady's left stunned in his truck a moment, before taking a deep breath and turning onto the same road in the opposite direction.


Jennifer's voice calls out frantically through Liam's car speakers. Liam catches his breath enough to respond now.

JENNIFER: (through speakers) LIAM???
LIAM: Jenn! I'm here! I'm fine, just....nearly got hit, some jackass came out of a driveway out of nowhere...I'm fine.
JENNIFER: (through speakers) Okay good...


Jennifer leans on her desk as she speaks to Liam, feeling somewhat relieved.

JENNIFER: (into phone) Oh Thank God. I'm just glad you're okay. said about a half hour?


LIAM: Yeah, about that. I'll see you then, Jenn.


Jenn, now relaxed enough to smile a bit, sighs before she responds to Liam.

JENNIFER: (into phone) Will do. Love you.

As she hangs up, a familiar voice calls out from behind her.

ABBY: Well I hope you also have some time to give a bit of love to your daughter?

Jennifer smiles as she turns around, glowing as she turns, arms open wide to greet Abigail.

JENNIFER: Always, sweetheart. In fact, you're just what I needed right now.

The two embrace warmly, a smile on Jennifer's face, though a more troubled look on Abby's.

ABBY: Same here, Mom. Same here.


JordanRidgeway_zps956gtxca.png MaxineLandis_zpsefcoxbou.png
Jordan steps off the elevator at University Hospital, and walks over to the nurses' station. Maxine greets her with her usual enthusiasm.

MAXINE: Jordan, honey! You look fantastic. Is that some kinda glow I see in your eyes?

Jordan laughs at Maxine's observation. She smiles warmly as she responds to Maxine.

JORDAN: Ohhh, I'm pretty sure you're onto something there. I'm actually here to book a pregnancy test appointment.

Maxine's face lights up at this news, she leans in and speaks a bit softer, but with an excited tone.

MAXINE: You and that fine police officer are gonna have a baby?

Jordan tries in vain to contain her excitement, giggling as she replies to Maxine.

JORDAN: I did a home test this morning (giggles) It was positive so...just coming in to make sure, but...yeah. The signs are there.
MAXINE: Well, I'm just thrilled for you, honey. I'll get you in with Dr. Jonas immediately if I got time? I can get you in before dinner time.
JORDAN: The sooner the better.

Maxine steps away to book the appointment, while Jordan beams, impatiently waiting for Maxine to make the arrangements.


SamiBrady_zpsnmhy3uly.png KateRoberts_zpsac4681d4.png GabiHernandez_zpsigybxlfp.png
Sami sits on Gabi's sofa at her apartment, while Kate sits on the easy chair at the other end of the coffee table from her. Gabi paces back and forth behind the sofa, as they try to formulate a plan to beat Nick at his own game.

SAMI: So Nick demanded we both offer Gabi a modelling contract, and made sure we didn't let her get who should put in the winning bid?
GABI: Well, Nick works for it's probably wise to make sure I sign with Sami, just so I can keep distance from him at work.
KATE: Probably for the best. The less potential for interaction he has for you, the better.
SAMI: Alright. I think we should offer Gabi a few counteroffers to throw him off the trail a bit, make it look more like we're really fighting over her.

Kate nods in agreement with Sami.

KATE: Absolutely. I can get that drawn up for you tomorrow, there's a lot going on tonight at the office.

Sami looks at Kate, intrigued.

SAMI: Really! How'd you manage to tear yourself away then?
KATE: I ALWAYS make time for family, Sami. You should know that.

Sami smiles, tilting her head to the side as she responds sardonically to Kate.

SAMI: Oh, do I ever.

Gabi plants her hands down firmly on the back of the sofa to get Sami and Kate's attention.

GABI: We're getting distracted. Now...what happens when I make the official announcement?

Kate looks up at Gabi, confident of her handle on the situation.

KATE: Simple. We stand back, and wait.

Gabi and Sami look back at Kate, a lot less confidently than she is.



Brady opens the door to Anita's cabin, a shopping bag in his hand. He pulls his jacket off, putting it back on the coat rack, while Anita sits on her easy chair by the fire, sipping another cup of hot chocolate.

ANITA: Brady! I was worried about you. I heard screeching tires at the end of the road, are you alright?
BRADY: Yeah! No just some...guy was driving down the road and I...I guess it's been awhile since I've been driving...didn't expect to see anyone out there. We didn't crash or anything, so...
ANITA: Well, that's good.

Anita puts down her cup and gets up, heading Brady's way. She takes her reading glasses off, letting them fall down around her neck as the neckstrap keeps them from falling to the ground. She folds her arms, uneasy about bringing up their previous topic. Brady, meanwhile, determined to avoid the subject, flashes a smile as he pulls the marshmallows out of the shopping bag.

BRADY: I got the marshmallows!

Anita is unmoved, and responds with a serious tone, which displeases Brady.

ANITA: Brady...we need to finish our conversation from earlier.
BRADY: (sigh) I'd rather not.
ANITA: Well, sooner or later, you're going to have to. Look, I know you don't want to right now, but if you ever want to go back to the life you had in Salem, and give your friends and family peace of mind? You're going to have to take that step and talk about what happened to you.

Brady looks down, knowing Anita's advice is sound, but not wanting to admit it. He looks at her, but can't keep eye contact, trying to hold himself together.

BRADY: I'm gonna make another pot of hot chocolate.

Anita stands back as Brady walks off toward the kitchen, saddened and frustrated by Brady's bullheadedness.


Abby sits in Jennifer's office with her mother, talking about her first day working for Nicole at WATB.

JENNIFER: So do you think it all went well then?
ABBY: Yeah...honestly, I have no idea whether or not Nicole's gonna like my work or not, but...well...seems she and I are getting along okay.
JENNIFER: Yeah well, Nicole's still a viper if you get on her bad side. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Abby and Jenn share a laugh, as Abby nods.

ABBY: No, I know. So far, we have an understanding, but I'm definitely not gonna push my luck. This is too good an opportunity to follow in parents' footsteps.

Jennifer smiles, as she grabs Abby's hand in hers gently from across her desk.

JENNIFER: Your dad would be really proud of you, Abby. You have to know that.

Abby smiles warmly at her mom, as she squeezes her mom's hand.

ABBY: Thanks, Mom. It means a lot to be able to do it, even if I got flung into it by Sami.
JENNIFER: Well...Sami seems to know where your strengths lie, and I guess you proved yourself to her with whatever you did on your trip. I just wish you felt you could tell me you were going, I was worried.

Abby begins to feel uncomfortable with this line of questioning and pulls away from her mom, as she shifts in her seat. Getting up, she begins to walk away from her mom, holding herself uncomfortably.

ABBY: (sigh) Look, Mom...that was not up to me at all. I promise. It was all...confidential deals was all last minute. I had absolutely no control over any of it. I'm sorry. I should've said something, was...really stressful.

Jennifer gets up from her desk and walks over to her daughter. Holding her arms as she attempts to comfort Abby.

JENNIFER: It's okay, Abigail. It's just that...motherly'll know what I mean one day.

Abby looks up, trying desperately to hold her feelings in, and her secret.

After a moment, she turns around, faking a smile.

ABBY: Uh...hey...let's check on Aunt Maggie, shall we?
JENNIFER: Yeah! That's a great idea. Come on.


LauraHorton_zpslgujljbt.png MaggieHorton_zpsrtadb6ml.png
In the main hall of the hospital, Laura stands talking with Maggie, holding Maggie's hands in her own.

LAURA: Maggie, listen...Daniel is going to make sure Victor makes a full recovery. He'll wake up very soon. I know he will. And if you need anything at all, just let me know.

Maggie looks at Laura, teary-eyed. She squeezes Laura's hand as she responds.

MAGGIE: Thank you, Laura. Honestly, having the family around has been such a huge help.
LAURA: I'm sure it has.

As Maggie continues, Jennifer and Abby come out into the main hall, and Laura looks over to them to get their attention.

MAGGIE: I don't want to take anyone's time, but it's been a huge help having you here and...

Maggie's distracted by Laura looking over at Jenn and Abby, but just before Laura's able to catch their eyes, the elevator door opens, and Liam emerges. Both Maggie and Laura look over as Jenn runs over embrace her lover, and Abby follows her slowly over, a smile on her face.

Maggie looks back to Laura, who glares at Liam, a look of anger and fear on her face. Maggie is immediately worried for Laura.

MAGGIE: Laura...what's wrong?

Laura, in her rage, shakes, and doesn't answer Maggie, simply glaring at Liam, who is hugging Jennifer tightly, a big smile on his face.


Jordan sits on the exam table waiting for Daniel to return. She recalls all the warnings Sheryl gave her previously.


Jordan glares at Sheryl, folding her arms in discomfort.
JORDAN: Sheryl, you know how much I wanted another baby. I gave up my chance the last time, but I am NOT going to pass up the chance to be a mother this time. Not when I could be happy with a man I love. With a baby. A career where I can actually help people. You know that’s important to me.
Sheryl snaps back at Jordan, irritated by her sudden attack of domesticity.
SHERYL: And impossible! You are a wanted woman.
JORDAN: Kaylie Matthews is a wanted woman.
SHERYL: YOU are still Kaylie Matthews, and the ISA and the Salem PD are going to figure that out VERY shortly.
Jordan looks down, arms still folded in discomfort as she tries to hold herself back. She sighs heavily, as she wordlessly listens to Sheryl’s emphatic words.
SHERYL: We are THIS close to taking down the EnerNext oil sands, Jordan. We are SO DAMN close to saving this town from a lifetime of cancer, of disease, of pollution. You wanna help people? Help us bring Titan and EnerNext down. Because you aren’t going to be able to help them from a jail cell.
JORDAN: I’m not going to jai—
SHERYL: …Like hell you’re not!


Jordan snaps back to reality, as she hears Daniel enter the room. She looks up, a smile back on her face as she awaits the news.

JORDAN: So! Tell me it's good news. Am I pregnant?

Daniel looks on, managing his best poker face as he flips over to her test results to give her the news.


Lucas gets a call from his secretary. He walks over to the phone.

LUCAS: (into phone) Hello? ... Yeah, send her in.

Hanging up the phone, Sheryl steps into Lucas' office a moment later. Lucas feigns being happy to see her, as Sheryl looks at him with a sultry smile and greets him in a sing-song voice.

SHERYL: Hi.....

Closing the door behind her. She coyly presents Lucas with his tie he'd left at her place the night before.

Lucas smiles as he accepts it, but Sheryl won't let go, pulling herself into Lucas' arms.

SHERYL: You're not gonna get away from me that easily, Mr. Horton.

Lucas looks into hers, pretending to feel anything for her with every ounce of conviction in him.

LUCAS: Well you know I couldn't stay away from you for that long.
SHERYL: Mmm, and I hope you don't stay away too long for the rest of the night.
LUCAS: Well...that's....kinda what I needed to talk about.

Sheryl looks at Lucas, a bit disappointed, and backs away from her embrace of Lucas.

SHERYL: What? You're not cancelling tonight, are you?
LUCAS: No! No...just...I have to postpone our dinner plans, that's all. I...uh...I have to finish a proposal to give to mom tomorrow, we're trying to optimize our shelving space at Bartlett's, and...yeah.

Sheryl smiles, playfully rolling her eyes at the situation. She answers with mock-indignance.

SHERYL: Fiiiiine, I guess. Let's just do something casual tonight, okay? I'll meet you at the Brady Pub for 10?
LUCAS: Might be 10:30 , that alright?

Sheryl leans in and kisses Lucas on the lips. She turns toward the door, turning back at the door to smile at Lucas, who stares back as she's leaving.

SHERYL: I'll see you then. Love you.

Lucas hesitates a moment to respond to Sheryl, before smiling and nodding to Sheryl.

LUCAS: Me too.

As Sheryl shuts the door to Lucas' office, Lucas scrambles to check his phone, all the while wiping his mouth to get the taste of Sheryl out of his.

LUCAS: Blech. If I never have to taste that woman in my mouth again as long as I live...

Lucas grabs his phone, hoping to see a message from Billie. Not seeing any messages as of yet, he texts Billie to let her know Sheryl's on her way back, and looks up afterwards, anxious.

LUCAS: Dammit, Billie. Get out of there before it's too late.


Billie turns the lights on in Sheryl's office and immediately looks around cautiously.

BILLIE: Alright...where is the best place for this baby...

Billie pulls the bugging device out of her pocket as she walks over toward Sheryl's desk. She looks at her laptop and, thinking fast, places the bug right underneath the bottom lip of her computer.

BILLIE: Always with you, and you'll never notice.

All clear, Billie steps back toward the door, mission completed.


JustinKiriakis_zpsvhww2iue.png TylerHouston_zps56211b85.png
Outside the door of Sheryl's office, Justin walks down the hallway with Tyler, deep in a business discussion.

TYLER: But we need to get this land acquisition done as soon as we possibly can, and this delay because of the city server malfunction is going to require some kind of press release to assuage our shareholders.

Tyler stops just outside Sheryl's office, and Justin follows suit. Their intense conversation continues, as Billie quiets down, hoping the two men leave in time for her to sneak out.

JUSTIN: I agree, but I don't think we need to panic, honestly. The team is on it and we should have our case heard within the next week. Just have Will and Alex work on the news releases and the data sheets for the mailers and we should be fine.
TYLER: Alright, but I'm going to be letting that young Horton kid that the rough draft needs to be in my hands tonight.

Justin pulls his phone out to text Alex the instructions to pass on. He raises the phone to motion to Tyler, who walks away toward his own office.

JUSTIN: On it.

As both men step away from Sheryl's office door, Billie figures the coast is clear after a moment. Shutting off the lights and opening the door a crack, she sees Tyler gone and Justin walking away in the opposite direction while texting Alex and figures the coast is clear. As the door shuts, Justin turns around, changing his mind on where he's going and spots Billie. He calls out to her, causing Billie to jump.

JUSTIN: Billie?

Billie turns around, looking like a deer caught in the headlights, as Justin smiles, bemused by her reaction.


Monday, January 30, 2017

DAYS #108: Billie and Lucas trick Sheryl, Brady needs driving lessons

Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Lucas walks over to his office desk at Titan and picks up the phone. A heavy look on his face, he frets about his sister's plan to plant a bug in Sheryl's office. He dials the extension to Sheryl's office.


Sheryl, in her own office, fixated on her computer, stops and picks up the ringing phone on her desk.

SHERYL: (into phone) Sheryl Conners.


Lucas answers sternly, trying (and failing) to feign enthusiasm.

LUCAS: (into phone) Sheryl! It's Lucas.


SHERYL: (into phone) Lucas! Hey, babes. How are you doing?


LUCAS:  (into phone) Fine. Look, I...uh, needed to see you when I had a chance, could you possibly meet me in my office a minute.


Sheryl raises an eyebrow at this, taking on an alluring tone on the phone with Lucas.

SHERYL: (into phone) Oh, I see. Well, it's a good thing too. You left something behind last night at my place.


Lucas cringes slightly at Sheryl's obvious attempts at seduction, replying in a cold, but polite manner.

LUCAS: (into phone) Oh, great. Can you be here in five and bring it with you?


Sheryl, put off by his aloof response, shifts in her seat, her face suddenly frowning in confusion.

SHERYL: (into phone) Sure. I'll be there.

Sheryl hangs up the phone, and, getting up from her seat, she takes her blue blazer off and rests it on the back of her office chair. She walks out of her office.


Lucas hangs up his office phone and sits down at the edge of his desk. He texts Billie immediately.

ready to go shes heading up now

Lucas looks up, a concerned look on his face.

LUCAS: (sigh) Oh Billie. This better work.


JordanRidgeway_zps956gtxca.png RafeHernandez_zpsjumsi5bu.png
Jordan stands outside Rafe's loft, having knocked on the door. A bright smile is on her face that she's trying to mask as the door opens. As the door opens, she turns quickly to face Rafe, and immediately leans in to kiss him. Rafe is pleasantly surprised by Jordan's arrival and wraps his arms around her as they kiss deeply in the doorway.

RAFE: This is a surprise.
JORDAN: (giggles) You have no idea.

Jordan lets go of Rafe and steps into his loft. Rafe, still smiling, closes the door and walks over toward a positively giddy Jordan, who plops her purse down on the sofa.

RAFE: So what's got you in such a good mood?

Jordan tries to calm herself down before giving Rafe her news, her hands shake in excitement.

JORDAN: I...I...ahah, oh my God, I have some news for you. And I're gonna be really excited.

Rafe looks at Jordan, unsure what to make of her demeanour.

RAFE: Heh...okay. Go ahead.

Jordan takes a moment before she speaks, trying to contain her excitement.

JORDAN: I did a test today....and....we're pregnant.

Rafe looks at Jordan, stunned by her news, Jordan studies Rafe's face to see whether he's excited or disappointed.


BradyBlack_zpsiwirr5fg.png AnitaHernandez_zps1xcybcbv.png
Brady sits on the sofa at Anita's cabin. He quietly reads a book  near the crackling fire as Anita walks in carrying a tray with hot chocolate on it.

Brady looks over and smiles at the elderly woman.

ANITA: I figured you could use something to keep you warm.

Anita sets the tray down on the old oak chest she uses as a living room table. Brady eagerly grabs the hot chocolate from the tray.

BRADY:  That sounds actually really good.

Anita sits down and looks at Brady, a motherly concern on her face.

ANITA: You know, Brady. You've healed up very well here...physically, I mean. And I'm really pleased to see your progress, and you've been a real help to me out here...
BRADY: Anita, it's no big deal. Trust me, you've helped me do a lot of healing.
ANITA: I'd like to keep doing that, Brady. You've been troubled since I found you. Now...I have no idea what happened to you before I found you washed up on the shore all those months ago...but I think you should try to talk about it with me. It might help you.

Brady looks away, frustrated by Anita's prying.


MarlenaEvans_zpse1672a6b.png ValerieGrant_zps9f113e79.png
Marlena sits across from Valerie at Valerie's desk at University Hospital. She's stunned by Valerie's news about Roman.

MARLENA: I'm sorry?
VALERIE: Roman Brady's hospital records prior to 1997 have completely vanished. I have absolutely no idea what's happened to them.

Marlena looks down, in disbelief at what she's hearing. Valerie looks at Marlena, a concerned curiosity on her face.

VALERIE: Marlena...did something happen to Roman that year that was at all...significant?

Marlena looks at Valerie, dead seriously. An intense look in her eyes as she responds.

ROMAN: Yes. We thought Roman was dead...Kristen DiMera brought him back the night John and I were going to be married.

Marlena flashes back to that day, his bandaged face.



Marlena breathes in deeply, realizing suddenly the possibility that something's been amiss all this time.

MARLENA: Oh...oh my Lord.

Valerie looks on, puzzled by Marlena's reaction.



Marlena paces Valerie's office as Valerie gets up from her seat, a deep concern on her face as she walks away from Valerie.

VALERIE: Marlena...what is it?

Marlena takes a moment and turns around to face Valerie. She stutters as she tries to repsond to Valerie, still stunned by all the new information coming her way.

MARLENA: Valerie...di...(sigh) say there was absolutely no record whatsoever for Roman Brady prior to 1997?
VALERIE: Well, no. I pulled up John Black's file and found some records in his folder also marked Roman Brady for the years 1985 through...
MARLENA: ...1991. We...initially thought John was Roman...Stefano...he led us to believe that Roman and John were the same person.

Valerie looks on, understanding the situation a bit more clearly.

VALERIE: Oh. I see.

Marlena steps back toward Valerie's desk, an intense look in her eyes as she looks down at the floor, weighing the situation.

MARLENA: And nothing from Roman's childhood?
VALERIE: No. That's what I found so odd. There isn't a single record anywhere in Roman's folder from before 1997, and nothing in the new database to suggest that Roman was even born at this hospital.

Valerie stops for a moment, as Marlena's face doesn't change, and she continues to look away. Valerie steps over to Marlena, putting a hand on her friend's shoulder.

VALERIE: Marlena...what happened when Roman came home in 1997? Is there some kind of connection between Kristen bringing him home and his records disappearing?
MARLENA: That's what I'm starting to think. When Roman came back, his face was...bandaged up. He didn't look like the man who left Salem a couple years before. I refused to believe that was him.
VALERIE: ...Marlena...are you starting to think that the man that's been living as Roman all these think that he may not be Roman Brady?

Marlena's focus suddenly crystallizes, she turns to look at her friend, a confused, and petrified look on her face.

MARLENA: I don't know...I don't know what to think.


Sheryl walks out of her office, heading for the elevators up to the executive floors at Titan.

After a moment's wait, the door for the elevator going up arrives and Sheryl steps on. The door closes behind her. As the door to her elevator shuts, the elevator heading down stops on the same floor and the door opens.

Billie steps off that elevator, purse in hand and looks around carefully. Observing she's alone, she takes her pumps off, and shoves them in her purse, trying to unzip, then zip the bag as quietly as possible.

Looking around cautiously as she steps around the corner toward Sheryl's office, she observes the coast is clear and approaches Sheryl's door. She steps up to the door, and, as slowly and gently as she can, Billie opens the door a crack, observing the lights are off, Billie opens the door and sneaks in, turning the light on as she shuts the door behind her.


GabiHernandez_zpsigybxlfp.png SamiBrady_zpsnmhy3uly.png KateRoberts_zpsac4681d4.png
Gabi stands, hands on her hips, looking annoyed at a shocked Sami and Kate, who sit around her coffee table in her apartment. Sami reaches down and looks at the contracts on the coffee table, both addressed to Gabi.

SAMI: mean we both were asked to offer Gabi a modelling contract?
KATE: Evidently. And he threatened to expose us if I didn't make sure you signed with us.
GABI: So, obviously, we know what's going on. Nick's trying to start a bidding war to pit the both of you against each other and potentially implicate both of you in trying to drown him.

Sami and Kate look at each other, stunned by how easily they were both duped.

SAMI: Alright, ladies. Now that we know what's going are we gonna get the jump on Nick Fallon?


Rafe stands in his living room, in disbelief after the news that Jordan's pregnancy test. He looks at Jordan and struggles to say anything to her for a moment.

RAFE: Jordan, this is...
JORDAN: It's fantastic news, isn't it?

Rafe looks at her, smiling for a moment before pulling her into an embrace. He looks deep in thought before having a moment of realization and pulling Jordan abruptly out of the embrace.

RAFE: My mom, she...ohhh she's gonna have something to say to me about this...

Rafe begins to pace the room, as Jordan looks at him, a bit concerned.

JORDAN: Well, Rafe, I mean...your mom will understand, I're a grown man.
RAFE: Yeaaah it's not that easy. She's ah....a bit of a traditionalist, and...

Jordan steps toward a pensive Rafe, putting a hand on his shoulder as he looks away from her.

JORDAN: ...And she won't be happy that you're having a baby with a woman you aren't married to. Am I getting warm?

Rafe takes a moment before a smile appears on his face. A moment later, he turns to Jordan, a certain excitement in his voice.

RAFE: ...I got it.
JORDAN: You got what?

Rafe leans in excitedly, pulling Jordan in close and gives her a quick kiss. And then another, and another.

RAFE: I got it, I got it, I got it!
JORDAN: WHAT?? What is it?? (laughs)

Rafe puts his jacket on, beaming as he answers Jordan.

RAFE: You'll see.
JORDAN: Well, wait, wait wait wait!
RAFE: What??

Jordan steps toward Rafe, and takes his hands in hers.

JORDAN: Look, I just...I want to be absolutely sure of this before we make any big moves so...I'm gonna pop into the hospital and make an appointment to get a proper pregnancy test, you know, just in case.
RAFE: Good idea. Look, how about I meet you at the hospital in about an hour and a half?
JORDAN: Alright.

Rafe and Jordan lean in to kiss each other, and then Rafe steps out of his apartment, followed by Jordan. After he locks up, he kisses her again.

RAFE: Congratulations, honey. You're gonna make a fantastic mother.
JORDAN: Thank you, Rafe. I love you.
RAFE: I love you, too. See you in a bit.

Rafe and Jordan kiss again as Rafe heads for the elevator. Jordan turns the other way from Rafe, smiling widely with excitement.


Brady sits, stonefaced on Anita's couch, staring ahead silently for a moment near the crackling fire, before Anita speaks up, breaking the tense silence.

ANITA: Brady...I think you need to talk about what happened the night of your might help you to--
BRADY: ...No, it won't! There's no point dredging up the past.

Brady cuts Anita off, quickly getting up from the sofa and walking toward the door. Anita looks on in shock.

ANITA: Brady! Where are you going?

Brady grabs his coat from the coat rack by the door of the cabin and starts to put it on as he answers Anita's question, a certain coldness in his voice.

BRADY: I'm going to take the truck out to the gas station. See if I can get some more marshmallows for that hot chocolate.

Anita starts to get up from the sofa, struggling a bit as Brady steps out the door, closing it behind him.

ANITA: Brady! Brady, wait!

As the door slams shut, Anita's left behind, worried about Brady's state of mind.


Liam drives towards Salem, down a gravel road. It's close to dusk, and the light outside is getting increasingly dim. He sets up his bluetooth to through the in-car stereo to call Jennifer at the hospital.

The phone rings through the car stereo.

JENNIFER: (over the stereo) Jennifer Horton.
LIAM: Jenn, it's Liam.


Jenn sits at her desk at University Hospital, all smiles as she speaks to her beau.

JENNIFER: (into phone) Liam! It's good to hear your voice. Is this about dinner tonight?


Liam shouts over the sound of the gravel under his tires.

LIAM: Yeah, babe. I'm ah...I'm just heading home now, I should be back in about half an hour. I'll pick you up from the hospital, that okay?


Brady drives down the gravel road on his way off of Anita's property. By now, the light of dusk has dimmed tremendously, and Brady struggles to see, even in the heightened view from his older SUV.

Still somewhat upset by the events of a moment ago, Brady is slightly distracted and nearly veers off the driveway, quickly correcting his path immediately thereafter.

BRADY: Woah! Brady! Focus...focus...

Brady approaches the end of the driveway, fumbling with the headlights on the older vehicle.


Jenn notices the background noise on Liam's phone call, and strains to hear him.

JENNIFER: (into phone) Yeah, Liam. The Hospital's fine...where ARE you?


Liam shouts over the sound of the gravel road beneath him so Jenn can hear him on the phone.

LIAM: Just had to make a detour at a gas station in the country, that's all.


Brady turns on the switch for the truck's high beams as he approaches the turnoff to the county road, not slowing down as he approaches the turn-off.

The SUV juts out into the intersection as Liam's car passes, causing Liam to swerve suddenly to avoid hitting Brady's car.


Jennifer hears the commotion from the scene and is immediately frantic.

JENNIFER: Liam?? Liam? Are you okay?


Liam swerves violently,as he's about to be hit by Brady's large older SUV. Brady's headlights shine brightly into Liam's car, momentarily blinding Liam as he looks up at Brady's car, shouting out in panic.