Sunday, June 19, 2016

DAYS #93: Abby's Home, and Kim finds Roman & Lucas (06/25/14)

Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Rafe stands in Jordan's suite, putting on his jacket as he prepares to take off for the morning. Jordan walks up behind him and lovingly wraps her arms around him.

JORDAN: Can you just...stay here for a bit longer?

Rafe laughs, but breaks Jordan's embrace to turn to face her.

RAFE: If I could, I would. But we got a big emergency on our hands and Hope asked me to come in early for it.

Jordan looks on, concerned.

JORDAN: Why, what's wrong?
RAFE: Well, it looks like Roman Brady has vanished into thin air. Hope and Marlena are really worried about him, so...I'm off to check it out.
JORDAN: Well...good luck. I guess I should get my butt in gear too.

Rafe smiles and leans over to kiss Jordan. Jordan kisses him back passionately. Rafe leans back, laughing.

RAFE: You're really working me today, aren't you?
JORDAN: I just know I'll miss you when you're gone.
RAFE: I'll tell you about tonight, you meet me at my place. I'll have a surprise waiting for you. Okay?

Jordan smiles, nodding in agreement.

JORDAN: Ooo, I like surprises. Alright, I think I can handle that.
RAFE: Good. I'll give you a call when I'm done.
JORDAN: Sounds good. Love you.

Rafe heads for the door, as he heads out, Jordan leans against the door frame to say goodbye to Rafe. Rafe turns back, smiling widely.
RAFE: Love you too.
 Rafe turns toward the elevator, as Jordan waves goodbye. No sooner has Rafe disappeared around the corner, then Sheryl comes in from the other direction, barging her way into Jordan's room.

SHERYL: Well, isn't my timing perfect?

Jordan, taken aback, turns around, incredulous.

JORDAN: I...good morning? Who said you could just barge into my room?

Sheryl raises an eyebrow at Jordan.

SHERYL: How long have we known each other?
JORDAN: Too long.
SHERYL: RIght. So I think I'm well past the point of knocking at this point.

Jordan throws up her hands.

JORDAN: Fine. What do you need at this ungodly hour?

Sheryl takes her clutch and tosses it casually on Jordan's unmade bed beside her.

SHERYL: Simple. Today's the day. And we have an AWFUL lot of planning to do.

Jordan looks on, uncomfortable and exasperated by Sheryl's persistence.


 Jennifer is just about to head out the door to head to work, when she stops, startled by who's coming down the stairs from upstairs.

She looks, a wide smile suddenly appearing on her face, as Abigail walks down the steps. Jenn's arms open wide as she runs over to her daughter to give her a hug, almost shrieking in excitement.

JENNIFER: Abigail!! Oh my God! You're home, sweetie!!

Abby laughs as her mom accosts her. She hugs her back, beaming though tired herself.

ABBY: Hey, Mom! It's so good to see you!
JENNIFER: When did you get in? I didn't even hear you come in?
ABBY: Oh it was late last night. You...must've been out.

Jennifer looks at her daughter, makeup not on, still in her robe, and sees her looking...different.

JENNIFER: Oh's really...filled you out! You looks so...healthy!

Abby stirs with discomfort, knowing Jenn's caught her pregnancy weight. She clutches the sides of her robe uncomfortably.


 Lucas stands by Roman at Club TBD, while Roman sits down, wrapped in Lucas' suit jacket, shivering from sleeping in the cold the night before. Lucas puts his phone away, not sure what Roman's reasons are for not wanting to call Marlena, but he plays along.
LUCAS: Okay...I won't call Marlena. know...she's probably worried about you.
ROMAN: Lucas, I can't. I can't have her worrying about me. And don't you call Sami either! I don't want my little girl seeing me like this, okay?
LUCAS: You have my least...let me take you to the hospital?

Roman relaxes somewhat once Lucas has made his vow. He looks away, relaxing in the booth, while Lucas looks on, really concerned for him.

ROMAN: NO! I'm...I'm fine. Just...just let me warm up here. I'll be fine. Thank you.
LUCAS: Okay...Uh...hey...look...if...if you're alright...I mean, is it...alright to talk about the whole...Jordan...Sheryl thing with me a sec?

Roman looks at Lucas, confused a moment, before remembering the situation.

ROMAN: sure you this here?

Lucas shrugs as he sits down in the booth, opposite Roman.

LUCAS:  It''s kind of important. I just...I know Billie's been spinning her wheels on this, and...look...Roman, honestly...I just don't feel comfortable pretending that everything with me and Sheryl is cool. I mean...last night...

Lucas trails off, looking down. He doesn't want to get into last night's events, and Roman can tell. Though Roman's curious, he doesn't press.

ROMAN: Don't...don't worry about it. Look, I got some...I have a few leads. These women are eco-terrorists, man. They have a plan. There's GOT to be a reason why they'd get Sheryl to work at Titan when she knows they're working on this EnerNext project.

Lucas leans into a softly-spoken Roman. Though Roman's still shivering through his words, he's suddenly laser-focused and sharp as the Roman Lucas has always known. Lucas is partly-engaged, and partly shocked by the shift.

LUCAS:'s the thing. They've brought this...guy into it. I mean...I can't prove he's linked but...
ROMAN: Well, that's strange. There's no...previous record of them working with any men. They've always worked, to our knowledge, as a duo.
LUCAS: I say...I can't substantiate any of it. All I know is that I walked in on Jordan, and Sheryl, talking to this...Jerome guy. And something about was just so obvious that they were planning something.

Roman looks on, intrigued by the lead Lucas has just given him, he ponders it intensely between his shivers.



Abby brusquely steps away from her mom, clutching herself tightly as she steps over toward the coffee table, where Jenn's placed the coffee decanter and cups.

ABBY: Wow, Mom, that's...really embarrassing.
JENNIFER: I'm sorry, honey. I didn't...I didn't mean to make you feel bad or anything, I just...

Abby cools off a moment, before turning around, keeping her emotions in check as she responds to her mom. She even flashes Jenn a quick smile.

ABBY: No. No, I know. (sigh) Sorry. I didn't mean to snap on you, just...I didn't get much sleep last night, and...well...really, this whole trip.

Jennifer looks on, concern on her face as she steps over to her daughter's side, as they both sit down on the couch. Abby stirs her coffee while Jenn expresses her worry.

JENNIFER: Well...actually, I'm glad you brought that up, honey. I...Look...I don't mean to pry or anything, but...I have to know...why did you lie about where you were going?

Abby looks away, caught in her lie, she frets over her answer.

 Marlena sits on Hope's couch, trying to hold her composure while still clearly filled with worry about Roman's whereabouts. Hope finishes sending a text message, when the doorbell rings. Marlena and Hope quickly turn around to see who's there.

It's Rafe.

Hope darts over to the door and opens it, welcoming him in.

RAFE: Hey!
HOPE: Hey! Come on in.
RAFE: I, uh...I came as soon as you called. Have we heard anything yet?

Hope shakes her head. She stands with her arms folded, clearly frustrated by the lack of info.

HOPE: No. Not a word yet. And the longer he's missing, the more I'm worried.

Hope looks over at Marlena, pensively.

HOPE: Marlena?
HOPE: Do you know of....anywhere he might have gone that...I dunno, he hadn't visited in a long time? Like, an old haunt he'd go when you were married when he needed to be alone?

Marlena shakes her head, thinking hard of any place Roman would have gone.

MARLENA: Honestly, no. I mean, he'd go visit Caroline, but...
HOPE: We'd have heard something by now if he'd gone there. Plus, with Caroline still just getting out of the woods, herself...
MARLENA: I wouldn't want to worry her unneccessarily.

Hope nods in agreement, as Rafe asks Marlena a question, confused by the whole situation.

RAFE: So...I mean....I know Roman's missing, but...what's led to this? He's been kinda...out of it lately, but...this sounds serious.
MARLENA: Well...Kim ran into him last night at Horton Town Square, and...he was...(sigh) confused, he had no idea where he was, or who she was. He was...terrified of her.
RAFE: What the...?

Hope turns to face Rafe, acknowledging the veracity of Marlena's story.

HOPE: I knew something was up, but...I really didn't think it was this severe. I didn't want to alarm anyone, so...
RAFE: No, understood, he's run off?

Marlena sighs, nodding sadly to Rafe as she continues.

MARLENA: Yes, he, um...I came around and tried to calm him down, and...Kim and I agreed that Roman should stay with me while we figure out what exactly is going on...and when we turned around...
RAFE: ...He was gone.
MARLENA: (sigh) Yes. And considering how cold it got last night, I don't even want to think about what could have happened to him out there.

Rafe looks on, a look of deep concern comes over him, as he looks frettingly Marlena's way.


Roman sits across the table from Lucas, thinking intensely about the new addition to Jordan and Sheryl's group.

ROMAN: So, let me get dis straight...this guy named think he's part of their plan? I mean...if that's the case, then chances are either Jordan and Sheryl have changed their tactics since the bank bombing in Toronto, or this guy's been in on their work all along.
LUCAS: I have a VERY strong feeling that this guy is the one behind the scenes pulling the strings. Sort of the...silent partner, maybe.
ROMAN: Well, that's very interesting. Have you told Billie any of this?

Lucas looks down, shaking his head.

LUCAS: No, I...I haven't even had a chance to yet. I only found this out last night.
ROMAN: Right, well...I'll...I'll get ahold of her later about it, and maybe we can figure out what to do before it's too late.

Lucas looks up, worried by Roman's choice of words.

LUCAS: What do you mean by that?
ROMAN: Well, if this Jerome guy is suddenly popping up, and has the balls to show up AT Titan, where people can spot him? I have a very strong feeling that Jordan and Sheryl are about to launch an attack against Titan, and VERY soon. And we need to be ready for them.

 Midway through Roman's explanation, Kim appears in the entrance at Club TBD. She looks around, hurriedly, but focused. She spots Roman from behind and makes a quick beeline for him and Lucas.

KIM: Roman Brady, where the HELL have you been?

Roman looks up, calmly looking at his very angry, worried sister, who stands beside their table, hands on hips.


Jordan stands in her suite, facing Sheryl, with arms folded, a sour expression on her face.

JORDAN: You don't waste any time, do you? I didn't even get the chance to brush my teeth yet.
SHERYL: Well...brush and talk.

Jordan drops her head, eyes still looking out at Sheryl, incredulously.

SHERYL: It's that important, Jordan.

Jordan turns to head into the bathroom, as Sheryl continues.

SHERYL: Look, Jerome will be here any minu--

Jordan turns sharply back around, shouting angrily at Sheryl.

JORDAN: JEROME?! Oh, no. No, no, he is NOT coming in here.
SHERYL: He absolutely is--
JORDAN: Sheryl, why did we even get involved with Nick Fallon if we were just going to drag Jerome all the way from Canada to help us take down Titan, anyway?

Sheryl looks at Jordan, shaking her head as she laughs.

SHERYL: Ohhh my. You've really fallen right into this whole...Jordan Ridgeway act, haven't you?

Jordan looks at Sheryl, arms folded, glaring disapprovingly at Sheryl.

JORDAN: What's that supposed to mean?
SHERYL: Kaylie Matthews was never this naive. Of course I wasn't going to rely on a basketcase like Nick Fallon. Would you trust someone like him?

Jordan sighs, recognizing that Sheryl's probably right.

JORDAN: Okay, so what ARE we gonna do with Nick? I does he fit into this?

Sheryl smiles, explaining to Jordan with an all-too-chirpy tone to her voice.

SHERYL: Well, you see...every great plan...has a fall guy.



  1. Loved this episode. It felt like a lot of movement on the enter next story.
    Its building and about to make a big move it seems. I cant wait till it all go downs. First time since this began that im genuinely interested in it.
    Love romans story and the effect it has on a few salemites who r learning what is going on with Roman. Roman is struggling he knows something is wrong. This story too is also picking up. Great episode al. Can't wait to see where this goes.

  2. Ooooh it's taking shape. Sheryl is about to do her thing and set up Nick...Love the cat and mouse going on with them.

    A very natural beat going on with Roman and his declining memory. All who love him are involved and concerned. This storyline is moving and I can't wait to see how this continues to unfold.

    Abby has been "filled" out by her trip to Europe LOL. Something a mother would say to her daughter. And now we will see how far Abby will go to keep her secret as to why she REALLY went to Europe. KEEP IT UP!! Things are unfolding.